Workshop about prevention and protection from digital GBV

On March 17, 2023, Women for Justice in Karbala Governorate, through the Women’s Voices First project, Women Lead the Way to Comprehensive Peace in Iraq, concluded workshops specialized in digital violence and electronic extortion against women and girls, more than 70 women and men from stakeholders And the decision maker  in the  Karbala province  and a number of important personalities specialized in the electronic extortion, represented by the Director of the Technologies and Informatics Department of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency, Colonel Engineer Ziyad Al-Kalkawi, and colonel, Maytham Muhammad Al-Bayati, Director of the Electronic Crime Department and Director of Public Relations in the Karbala Police Command, Mr. Abbas Al-Moussawi, and Director of the Community Police Department Colonel Dr. Alaa Al-Ghazali and the Coordinator of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / Non-Governmental Organizations Department for the governorates of Karbala and Babil, Mr. Aqil Murad Al-Janabi,  Head of the Women’s Empowerment Division in the governorate and Director of the Labor and Social Affairs Department, Thawra Mahdi Abdul-Razzaq, and a group of young female lawyers volunteering with Women for Justice and supervisors Educators and universities, in addition to a number of women For beneficiaries of the project participated at final workshop , an extensive lecture was presented that included a set of instructions and instructions that must be followed by all members of society to prevent the risk of falling into electronic extortion, as well as how women and girls who have been subjected to such cases can be received while preserving the complete privacy of the person reporting the case and the speed of access to the perpetrators. By the security services, Dr. Colonel Alaa Aziz Al-Ghazali presented an explanation about the mechanism for receiving cases that come to the early warning units in the districts and sub-districts, and how to deal with them and solve them urgently through the new early warning unit that was established in cooperation with the Women for Justice organization within the headquarters of the Community Police Department, the workshop concluded with a set of recommendations, the most important of which are:

1- The approval of the Department of Technology and Informatics to receive cases from the early warning units established by the Women for Justice Organization in all districts and sub-districts in Karbala Governorate

2- Submitting a recommendation to the Director General of Education of Karbala Governorate and the President of Karbala University to prepare an action plan for the purpose of holding awareness and education workshops for young men and women in universities and secondary schools in cooperation with the Community Police, the Department of Technologies and Informatics, and the Women for Justice Organization

3- Recommending to preparation a proposal for strategic plan specialized in electronic extortion and digital violence cooperation with the Cordaid Organization and the Women for Justice Organization and government agencies specialized in digital violence and electronic extortion in Karbala Governorate.

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