About Partner & Goal Of The Project

ABOUT: OHRC has more than 15 years of experience working with for human rights, women’s rights, and vulnerable communities, particularly displaced persons (mainly women and children). We work strongly on promoting human rights and women’s rights as well as gender equality, based on the UNSCR 1325, empowering conflict-affected women and girls. Based in Najaf, OHRC is well-known throughout all Iraqi governorates and we have implemented several livelihood and psychosocial support projects in collaboration and support from both national and international NGOs


Name of the Organization:

The Observer Human Rights Center (OHRC)


HQ Location: Najaf / Al Jamiaa 


Project Location(s): Anbar, Basra, Baghdad, Diyala, Sulaymaniyah, Salah Al-Din, Najaf, and Thi Qar


Title of the project: INAP2-1325 /Prevention Objective is the core for WPS 

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