SAWA: Empowerment workshops for emerging women's organizations

Baghdad – Empowerment workshops for emerging women’s organizations

Sawa Organization for Human Rights concluded during the month of March, and within the project (Women’s Voices First) sponsored by Cordaid Organization, the second workshop to empower emerging young women’s organizations, in which 16 organizations from 8 governorates (Baghdad, Anbar, Najaf, Karbala, Salah al-Din, Diyala, Basra, Nasiriyah) and included topics selected from the participating organizations, namely (writing public policies, writing projects, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms), The workshop aims to increase the capacity and efficiency of young organizations in the field of governance and effective management, and to increase their ability to communicate and network with government institutions and organizations.

Earlier, during the month of January 2023, the same organizations participated in the first workshop on the agenda of women, security and peace, national plans and the role of young organizations to contribute, engage and activate their role in the agenda of women and peace. These workshops come to increase the efficiency of emerging young women’s organizations, which did not receive training in The field of governance and organization management and the requirements and resolution 1325, and will be followed by other workshops with women’s departments and units in universities and government institutions in the eight targeted governorates, in order to increase networking and cooperation between young organizations and those institutions towards effective implementation of national plans within the agenda of women, security and peace

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