Providing vocational training and support on Photography and Videography

Hariwan Organization, in collaboration with Cordaid and with the generous support of UKaid, has accomplished the successful execution of a comprehensive photography and photo editing training program in Ramadi, Anbar. This initiative, conducted under the umbrella of the ‘Women Voices First’ project, aimed at empowering a group of women by equipping them with the necessary skills to emerge as professional photographers. The training not only contributed to skill development but also fostered a sense of empowerment among the participants, providing them with the tools to express their perspectives through visual storytelling. The collaborative efforts of Hariwan Organization, Cordaid Iraq, and the support from UKaid underscore the commitment to enhancing opportunities for women in Ramadi and reflect a collective enthusiasm for the promising creative endeavors that will unfold as a result of this empowering initiative.

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