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ABOUT: The Lotus Flower is a nongovernmental organisation which runs four women’s centres for the IDP and refugee community in Kurdistan, Iraq. The centres provide safe, supportive, and healing environments for women and girl conflict survivors, filling resource gaps by providing community-responsive programming. Our programmes are based around three pillars from the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: Education & Livelihoods, Health & Safety, and Human Rights & Peacebuilding. To date, this has included much-needed livelihoods and skills training, small business support and mentorship, educational classes (such as language and literacy courses and computer training), mental health support, and awareness sessions and advocacy on women's rights and gender-based violence. We aim to provide the foundation for women to rebuild themselves, their families, and their futures.

PROJECT GOAL: Contribute to the overall objectives of Resolution 1325 through enhancing partnerships with civil society, promoting gender equality and inclusivity and furthering the WPS agenda so that women can play an active role in decision-making and peace processes.

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The Lotus Flower

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Duhok, Zakho, & Nineveh Hamdaniya

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Peace Sisters in Zakho and Al-Hamdaniya