About Partner & Goal of Project

ABOUT: HNO is a non-profit, non-government and independent organization dedicated to working towards the protection and advancement of all members of societies across Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). HNO Founded officially in 2018 in KRI and 2020 at Iraqi federal. The organization was established by a group of Iraqi doctors residing in Iraq and expatriates in Germany, as well as Iraqi academics and activists in women’s rights, HNO supports the needs of Syrian refugees, Iraqi IDP, and host community women, men, and children in prevention and response to sexual/genderbased violence (SGBV), and marginalized group protection and increasing their access to quality economic, protection, food, health, education, shelter, and legal services. HNO has become a local and regional expert in SGBV prevention and response, economic empowerment, and integrated programming.

PROJECT GOAL: Contribute to Improved prevention of VAW/G toward the women in general and disabled and journalists, through changes in behavior, practices, and attitudes, and indirectly towards and Increased effectiveness of legislation, policies, national action plans, and accountability systems to prevent and end VAW/G.

Name of CSO

Hanasay New Organization (HNO)



HQ Location


Project Location(s)

Erbil, Sulaimani Governorates

Title of Project

Provision of integrated holistic dignified support services and solutions for women, girls, SGBV survivors and those most as risk while empowering them and the community as agents of change towards advancing gender equality and combatting violence against women.