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ABOUT: Dak Organization for Ezidi Women Development is a humanitarian-based, nonprofit, non-political, non-governmental, and civil society organization, which focuses on women’s development, empowerment, protection, and peacebuilding by strengthening their decision-making. Dak organization is born out of necessity after the horrendous attack of ISIS on Yazidi and other minorities on August 3rd, 2014, to bring those women, mothers and girls back to life in the form of Dak, which stands for “Mother” in Kurdish. We, as Yazidi women, felt the responsibility to support the women in Iraq and worldwide; represent them; enhance their resilience; empower them to take matters into their own hands, and become part of decision-making processes in their community and society. The main objectives of Dak organization concern: raising society`s recognition of women’s rights, gender equality, women’s positions in peacebuilding, and women’s Peace in international and national conferences, policies, and regulations by society participants.

PROJECT GOAL: Enhancing, activating, and strengthening the role of minority women in implementing the Iraqi NAP plan and agenda of women, security, and peace in the two governorate Duhok and Ninawa.

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Dak Organization for Ezidi Development

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Duhok & Nineveh Governorates

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Activating and strengthening the role of minority women in implementing the agenda of women, security, and peace