About Partner & Goal of Project

ABOUT: In 8 governorates, the project contributes to reducing the societal gap experienced by emerging women’s organizations, which will work on networking and increase their capacity to support the implementation of the women, security and peace agenda by increasing and empowering the number of emerging women’s organizations and activating their role in implementing the requirements of Resolution 1325 and the Second National Plan, and working on Reducing the knowledge gap in Iraqi universities by enabling women’s departments to be effective, productive and supportive of the women’s, security and peace agenda and its impact on the academic level for teachers and students while activating peace initiatives and confronting violence and extremism. The target groups work to activate early warning mechanisms, confront violent extremism, and support women’s participation in peace and community decision-making through innovative and diverse activities in accordance with the second national plan of Resolution 1325.

Name of CSO

Sawa Organization for Human Rights

HQ Location

Baghdad, Najaf, Diwaniyah, Karbala, Basra)

Project Location(s)

National level/All of Iraq

Title of Project

Iraqi women – strength and role model

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