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About: Since 2015, Jinda NGO has provided long-term assistance to women and girls who have escaped or been rescued from Daesh (ISIS) captivity. Via providing a safe space for survivors of war and displacement, the center offers psychological aid, legal and social assistance, as well as awareness training on women’s rights, women’s health, and strategies to cope on a practical level with traumatic experiences.

Name of Organization: Jinda For Women and Girls Effected by War 

Location: KRO, Duhok, Iraq

Project goal: to improve the quality of the life of Yezidi girls, women, and children by providing adequate services with medical, psychological and education support.

Objectives to increase opportunities for young women affected by slavery, rape, torture, war and other traumatic experiences to empower with psychological support girls and women in a pleasant and friendly environment outside the camps.

to generate new income possibilities through capacity building, learning and participating in group activities.

project title: Community Awareness to Reach a Society Free of Violence Against Women 

Activity Description 1: Training on Strengthening women to participate in governance and decision making    

Activity Description 2: “Engagement of Men as Allies to Combat SGBV, including Social Media Extortion.”


Project Location: Duhok


Indicator 1:  (strengthening women to participate in governance and decision making) trainings Target: … (8 trainings) 83 female , 17male Current result :(8 trainings have been conducted in the previous reporting period) 83 female, 17 male. Indicator 2: Coordination with Governance level to involve women in decision making Target: 10 meetings Current result: 10 meetings have been conducted in the current reporting period Indicator 3: Engaging Young men as allies to combat SGBV including social media extortion Target: (7 trainings) 82 female, 27 male Current result: (7 trainings have been conducted in the previous reporting period) 82 female, 27 male. Indicator 4: Engagement with community/religious leaders and/or security forces to contribute to SGBV prevention Target: targeting 5 security personal and 5 religious leaders

Current result: ongoing

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