It is our right to participate in the decision-making process

Date and place: 8 April 2023, in the Supreme Judicial Council, the Authority for People with Disabilities and Social Welfare, the Election Commission Department and the Department of Sports Talent Care – Diyala Governorate

Description of the event or activity: Ashnona Sports Club for People  with Disabilities launched an  advocacy (It is our right to participate in the decision-making process) in cooperation with the Humanitarian Line Foundation and with the support and funding of the Cordaid Organization, to demand the participation of women with disabilities in the  political process and to identify Resolution 1325, which limits the violation of women’s rights, and brochures were distributed and posters were pasted in a number of places, including in the Supreme Judicial Council and the Authority for  People with Disabilities. Social welfare, the Election Commission Department, and the Sports Talent Care

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