About Partner & Goal of the Project


Goal of the project  project, within the protection pillar of the Second National Plan of Resolution 1325 (2024 – 2021 NAP I), will contribute to empowering the official authorities within the committee the problem was formed by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in terms of formulating and putting in place mechanisms and instructions for managing shelters for women and girls who are victims of domestic violence. within the standard standards associated with it, and therefore it will have a shelter Survivors of domestic violence Standard management mechanisms and instructions and safe referral systems for dealing
with the survivors. The plan also came to develop the existing shelters and improve their services in accordance with international standards, which we will strengthen within the project by providing the guide .call for Applications Women’s Voices First (Women’s Voices First) – Women Leading the Way to Comprehensive Peace in Iraq. The guideline and training manual for shelter management procedures, and thus the development of the cadres currently present in the shelters that have been opened and the preparation of the cadres who he will be appointed later in the role to be opened in the near future

About organization : The network contributes through networking with government institutions and specialized organizations, partnership in writing and implementing the national plan, and exchanging experiences at the regional and international levels to ensure the implementation of the requirements of Security Council resolution 1325and

Project Title: Building Women’s Movements for Sustainable Peace in Iraq

Project location:  Baghdad

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