About Partner &Goal of the Project

Hawaa Organization was established in late 2003 by women from Diyala Governorate – Muqdadiya District. It aimed to improve the political, social and economic situation of women and to provide them with support in all aspects to improve their situation in light of the changes that Iraq is going through since the fall of the last regime. 

Hawaa generally targeted the women of Diyala Governorate and provided them with awareness sessions on the issue of women’s rights and their participation in political life as voters and candidates, in addition to their economic right. Empowerment and raising their value among their families and within society. The organization also gave them health awareness sessions on how to prevent/reduce breast cancer. 

Goal of the project: Our project will contribute to addressing and mitigating the actual risks faced by displaced women and returnees in Diyala and helping them build and spread awareness and mitigate conflict based on gender-based violence to build sustainable peace.

 Name of organization: Hawaa Organization for Relief and Development.

 HQ location: Iraq – Diyala – Muqdadiya – Al-Asri neighborhood.

 Project location: Diyala governorate: within four regions (Al-Muqdadiya, Jalawla, Al-Saadia, Dali Abbas affiliated to Al-Khalis).

Title of the project: Towards a safe and sustainable life for the women of Diyala.

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