Conflict Resolution Session

*Organized by Hariwan Organization in Collaboration with Cordaid Organization*


In the vibrant setting of Anbar/Ramadi, Hariwan Organization, in partnership with Cordaid, orchestrated a transformative session on critical thinking under the project “Women Voices First.” The event boasted a diverse participation of 25 beneficiaries from both genders.


The focal point of the session was the intricate landscape of conflict resolution, with a dedicated emphasis on the pivotal role of women within this realm. Participants delved into the components of conflict resolution, exploring methodologies such as utilizing the conflict tree to discern causes and solutions. The session was designed to cultivate and enhance conflict resolution skills, recognizing the indispensable presence of women as a key element in navigating and transforming conflict dynamics.

This collaborative initiative marked a significant stride towards empowering women and fostering critical thinking within the Anbar/Ramadi community.

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