FTR: Volleyball match with participant under Cordaid 2023 project

On 8th April Duhok/Shariya Free to Run program team conducted a volleyball match with participant under Cordaid 2023 project. Duhok-Program Officer collaborated with Cabni NGO in Shariya to use Cabni Volleyball playground for Free to Run activities.
The number of participants were 27 with one CDL (Community Development Leader).
All of the players were eager to begin playing volleyball for the first time, even though the players were playing this kind of sport for the first time, they were doing excellently because of their interest in the sport. Nevertheless, everyone who participated in the game had a great time.
One of the many benefits of volleyball is the fact that it can be played year-round in both an indoor and outdoor setting. The participants had both physical and psychological positive impacts such as Reducing Anxiety and Stress, Developing self-confidence, Leadership and Improving Core Strength, Flexibility and Speed.

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