About Partner & Goal Of The Project

ABOUT: Human Line Foundation for Sustainable Development (HLF) is an independent, feminist, non-profit organization. Started as a volunteering team in 2018 and registered as an NGO in Iraq in January 2021 with a focus on Ninewa Governorate. HLF aims to enhance the sustainable development goals(SDGs), empower the women in society, and activate the youth and women’s role in regular life and civil right while working to claim women’s rights all across Iraq. Moreover, the organization aims to work on addressing violent extremism in the Ninewa through implementing activities that can contribute to preventing violent extremism including Workshops for main actors in the community including youth, women, and religious and community leaders while empowering them to take action in their community toward a sustainable community through community-based initiatives.

The goal is to strengthening the capacity of women led CSOs and Government institutions to grow and improve their competencies for sustainable peace in Iraq.

Name of the Organization:

Human Line Foundation for sustainable development (HLF)

HQ Location:

Mousl/ Ninawa governorate 

Project Location(s): 

All Diyala governorate  

Title of the project: Strengthening capacity of women’s non-Governmental organizations and Government institutions to more effective inclusion, protection, and participation of women for Inclusive protection, and participation of women for Inclusive Peace in Iraq

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