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ABOUT: Tulip foundation for Women Human Rights Defenders has been working in the women’s rights field since 2017. It is a nongovernmental organization registered on 27.5.2021. The foundation considers itself as a feminist organization that works in the field of WHRDs and human rights defenders’ protection in Iraq and the KRI. It has a network of feminist activists’ young women and defenders, whose ages range between 18-36 years, in all Iraqi provinces and KRI. Activists work in their observance of monitoring and documenting human rights violations, in addition to supporting feminist movements, women’s rights, and gender justice. Furthermore, our organization works to assist women human rights defenders by providing legal and psychological support. As well as, promoting the culture of the rights of women and girls in particular, and human rights in general by conducting advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about women's rights and recognizing the respect for women's dignity and rights at various levels.

PROJECT GOAL: Help in the process of peacebuilding by involving women and girls from all Iraqi provinces and encouraging women to play a role in making peace and security decisions in their provinces.

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Tulip Foundation

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National Level All Governorates

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Women and Girls: Peace building and coexistence decision makers