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ABOUT: Bent Al Rafedein Organization, founded in Babil in 2005 was established in order to provide solutions to the issues of women and girls who suffer from deprivation in accessing their rights and opportunities, and are exposed to types of violence based on gender, such as underage marriage, deprivation of education, economic violence, forced marriage, discrimination, and physical and verbal violence, in light of an unfair legal environment towards women Where Iraqi laws fail to provide a fair and protective environment for their rights.

PROJECT GOAL: Increasing the meaningful and active participation of women in raising their voices and gaining the support of societies for their roles in preventing conflicts and building peace.

Name of CSO

Bent Al Rafedein Organization (BROB)

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Salah al-Din & Babil Governorates

Title of Project

Women Initiatives for Peace WIP (Women initiate and Obtain the Community Support)