Sawa Organization for Human Rights

About Partner & Goal of Project ABOUT: In 8 governorates, the project contributes to reducing the societal gap experienced by emerging women’s organizations, which will work on networking and increase their capacity to support the implementation of the women, security and peace agenda by increasing and empowering the number of emerging women’s organizations and activating […]

Women Empowerment Organization (WEO)

Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) </h2 > Gender Justice in Action: Advancing the rights of women and girls through female-led conflict prevention and community peacebuilding Increase the percentage of women affected by conflict through livelihood opportunities and access to services in their communities. Project Locations: Nineveh, Tel Afar

Tulip Foundation

Tulip Foundation Women and Girls: Peacebuilding and coexistence of decision-makers Help in the process of peacebuilding by involving women and girls from all Iraqi provinces and encouraging women to play a role in making peace and security decisions in their provinces. Project Locations: National Level All Governorates.

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower Peace Sisters in Zakho and Al-Hamdaniya Contribute to the overall objectives of Resolution 1325 through enhancing partnerships with civil society, promoting gender equality and inclusivity, and furthering the WPS agenda so that women can play an active role in decision-making and peace processes. Project Locations:Duhok, Zakho, & Nineveh Hamdaniya.

National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR)

National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR) Women and Peace Contribute to protecting and enhancing community resilience as an informed and conscious approach to trauma from GBV violence within armed conflict and COVID-19 in Diyala Governorate. Project Location: Diyala Governorate.

Sustainable Peace Foundation (SPF)

Sustainable Peace Foundation (SPF) Assessing the nature and level of sextortion, reducing their effects on women and girls in the district of Mosul by establishing local community and local authority mechanisms to prevent sextortion and advocate for laws to be legislated to that effect. Project Locations: Nineveh, Mosul.

Kurdistan Relief Organization (KRA)

Kurdistan Relief Organization (KRA) Empowering Girls Youth to achieve and sustain Peace and Integrating them into humanitarian relief Works. Creation group of Youth leaders (Woman Leaders) responding to all phases of crises in Iraq, work towards peace promotion, humanitarian relief through participation in dialogue, negotiation, conflict resolution. Project Locations: National Level All Iraqi Governorates.

Hanasay New Organization (HNO)

Hanasay New Organization (HNO) Provision of integrated holistic dignified support services and solutions for women, girls, SGBV survivors, and those most at risk while empowering them and the community as agents of change towards advancing gender equality and combatting violence against women. Contribute to Improved prevention of VAW/G toward the women in general and disabled […]

Dak Organization for Ezidi Development

Dak Organization for Ezidi Development Activating and strengthening the role of minority women in implementing the agenda of women, security, and peace Enhancing, activating, and strengthening the role of minority women in implementing the Iraqi NAP plan and agenda of women, security, and peace in the two governorates Duhok and Ninawa. Project Locations: Duhok & […]

Bent Al Rafedein Organization (BROB)

Baghdad Women Association (BWA) </h2 > Women for Peace Contribute to increasing meaningful participation and decision-making of women in conflict prevention processes and response. Project Locations: Karbala & Najaf Governorates.