AOO: interfaith dialogues

We’re excited to share that our organization, Accepting Others, has implemented a project funded by Cordaid for the month of March.

This project involved two days of interfaith dialogues between 30 religious leaders from Muslim, Christian, Kakayi, Yezidi, and other faith communities. The dialogues aimed to promote understanding and respect between different religious groups, and to discuss ways to address women’s issues in a multi-faith context.

Through these dialogues, we were able to foster meaningful conversations and explore practical solutions to the challenges faced by women in our communities. We believe that promoting interfaith understanding is essential to building a more peaceful and harmonious society.

We’re grateful to Cordaid for supporting our project, and we look forward to continuing our work towards a more inclusive and respectful world. Let’s continue to work together to build bridges and promote understanding across faith communities! #InterfaithDialogues #ReligiousHarmony #WomenEmpowerment #AOOiraq #WomenVoicesFirst



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