About Partner & Goal of the project

About organization ( Al-Hub Wa Al-Salam (ILP) is local NGO based in Anbar),  work on supporting women and youth to enhance their life skills , improve their capacities and solve the issues so , We are seeking to help the youth and women through livelihood and economic empowerment projects, in addition to working to enhance resilience and recovery, strengthen marginalized groups, especially women and girls, and   we combat violence to which these groups are exposed. we support work in the following sectors : Social cohesion peacebuilding, PVE, food security and Livelihood ( CFW, MSMEs, vocational training ), protection ( women empowerment, GBV ), environment, and climate change, FMNR techniques . Our vision is to empower women, build the capacities of marginalized groups and youth, peacebuilding for a stable and secure life.. We are diligent to reach the most vulnerable people in our community .

goal of the project :Empowering women and ending inequality through the involvement of a group of actors

Name of organization: Al-Hub Wa Al-Salam (ILP)

HQ location: Anabr – Fallujah 

Project location : Anbar Governarate (Fallujah and Qaim Districts )

Title of the project :Rural women between equality and economic resilience in conditions of climate change in Anbar

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