Accepting Others Organisation meets with the Secretary General of the High Council of Women and Development in KRI

Wednesday, 6th of July 2022, Dr. Khanzad Ahmed, The Secretary General of the High Council of Women and Development in Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI) met with Huda Hassan, Project Manager and Alisha Rosen, programme director from Accepting Others Organisation (AOO) to further discussed barriers and overcoming them regarding strengthening the role of women in the political process in the region.


“We introduced the goals of our project to Dr. Khanzad, and how the project is set to tackle the roles of women in political decision making, peacebuilding and governance participation and to raise awareness regarding The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, capitalising the importance of the government’s support in order to create a peacefully co-existing KRI strengthened with equal participation of women and men..” mentioned Huda.

The discussion was followed introducing the importance of cybersecurity in the daily life of the young generation, especially in the outskirts of Duhok province, where the project is being implemented and where immense numbers of threats of honour killing are reported due to breaches in cybersecurity.

Nowadays, smart phones, internet connection and social media platforms have become an undividable part of the daily life of teenagers, opening doors for many opportunities in terms of capacity enriching on individual level but also raising many threats of privacy to easily be violated if not careful.

Through peer-to-peer sessions AOO tries to educate the young generation by introducing them to experts close to their age in an initiative to make them more comfortable to listen be more willing to learn.

Huda reiterated how they highlight the means of protection through digital communication, how confidential information should not be shared with anyone, and in case if breaches happen to their privacy; which procedures for them to follow and contact DCVAW (Directorate Combating Violence Against Women).


In the end of the meeting both sides have affirmed their commitment towards enhancing the role of women and the women, peace, and security agenda with Dr. Khanzad stating :“one crucial point is the challenges of women to be in distinct roles in government, and how to face and minimize these challenges. What we have done so far has been highly effective, but women and men are still thinking about and discussing better mechanisms to take more steps to strengthen women’s role in the political process. I’d like to be a part of this process and I hope we all work together and agree on this process to strengthen the role of women in government. The political parties should also give women more power and roles and enact this as soon as possible.”



The Women’s Voices First project is implemented through the fund of the United Kingdom in partnership with Cordaid Organisation and Civil Society Organisations to tackle the women, peace and security agenda in Iraq.

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