WLI: Combat gender-based violence and support the recovery of survivors

Under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers_Iraqi Women Empowerment Department, #معهد_المرأة_القيادية and with the support of #Corde_Iraq on February 12, 2023, implemented a conference to combat gender-based violence and support the recovery of survivors at the guesthouse / Baghdad
The conference came after Baghdad was declared the capital of Arab women and on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the Arab Women Organization
During her speech, the Director General of the Iraqi Women’s Empowerment Department, Dr. Yusra Karim Mohsen Al-Alaq, stressed that the protection of women from violence is a crucial factor in embodying the principles related to equality among members of society, and represents an entry point for the participation of women in sustainable development, and pointed out that the phenomenon of gender-based violence requires official and non-official bodies to take the necessary measures to reduce and address it and address its effects.

In coordination between the Iraqi Women’s Empowerment Department and the governorates, protection centers have been opened in four governorates: Dhi Qar, Kirkuk, Anbar, and Diwaniyah, and work is underway to open centers in other governorates during this year
Lawyer Iman Abdel Rahman, President of the Women’s Leadership Institute, stressed that this conference is an opportunity for communication and coordination between partners from government institutions, international organizations, civil society organizations and academics, for the purpose of exchanging ideas and visions that can address violence and consider it an effective step to reach the best services that can be provided to survivors of domestic violence.

In order to equip those roles with the requirements of work and perform the task entrusted to them in accordance with international standards and standard procedures, and concluded her speech by presenting part of the proposed recommendations for that
The conference was attended by many relevant authorities
– Department of Women Empowerment / General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
– Women’s empowerment departments from the governorates of (Diwaniyah – Kirkuk – Baghdad)
– Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
– National Security Chancellery
– Prime Minister’s Chancellery
– Ministry of Health / Women Empowerment
– Legal Clinics Network
– Legal Department / General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
– Ministry of Interior / Community Policing
– Supreme Judicial Council
– Office of the President of the Republic
– Members of the House of Representatives / previously – currently
– Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
– Ministry of Education

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