Women Leading the Way to Inclusive Peace in Iraq

Women Voice's First

Project Description

Sustainable peace is not possible without the full and equal participation of women. Embracing this principle, Cordaid’s “Women’s Voices First” programme is dedicated to empowering Iraqi Women’s Rights Organisations, with a concerted focus on both the Federal and Kurdistan regions of Iraq. 

By supporting civil society organisations, including women-led organisations, in defining and implementing their own localised Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) priorities, the programme aims to strengthen their role in contributing to building peace and safety in Iraqi communities. The expected outcomes of the programme encompass a substantial increase in the impact on policymaking, drawing from local perspectives, as well as enhancing local capabilities and promoting self-reliance. 

Cordaid’s strategy encompasses building skills, conducting research, offering flexible funding, creating networking opportunities, and supporting joint lobbying and advocacy. These initiatives are all geared towards promoting a WPS agenda that genuinely reflect Iraqi women’s voices, ensuring their pivotal involvement in attaining sustainable peace and security.

Current Partner Project Information

For the first financial year of this program, Cordaid published a Call for Applications across federal Iraq and the KRI on various organizational platforms. Although several excellent applications were submitted and the selection process was difficult, Cordaid narrowed them down to the top 13 local grassroots, women-led, feminist, and women’s rights organisations in which we will partner with in the first round of funding. These local CSOs represent the ethnic and religious diversity of several communities across several governates across the country and Cordaid is excited to be working alongside our new partners for advancing the WPS agenda.